The Modern Method for Hosting Applications

Whether you read the news, attend a conference or browse the latest magazine, we are all aware of Cloud Hosting.  The concept of cloud is that your data is in a large, remote data center and that’s it.

However, with World Wide Network Solutions (WWNS) not only do you receive secure, hosting of your application stored in the cloud,  but it is fully managed for you, and you also have direct access to WWNS senior IT technical support. Consider for a moment that if you ever had an issue with a file on Dropbox or Google, there is no person to call or email.  Every client has direct access to a senior technical expert at WWNS  to take care of any technical issues like adding/removing users, upgrading the software and ensuring any patches are done right the first time. You can even have a personal phone call with our team to customize and adjust your application hosting to better suit your business’ needs.

Another significant benefit to our application hosting is that WWNS already has the hardware and security infrastructure in place, and is ready to configure it to any of your application or technical needs. As a customer, you no longer need to buy, manage, and maintain your own hardware or software. As a result, you also don’t need to invest in on-site hardware or technical support.  With WWNS, our team takes care of all the hardware and software in our secure data centers, saving you time and increasing your security.

In summary, the benefits are all your mission critical applications are managed proactively, by real people who you can call. And you save time and money by not hiring or doing the IT work yourselves. You can count on our team at World Wide Network Solutions to ensure your applications are always “on”, run fast and remain secure.

What Applications Are Supported?


  • PE Win aka Pension system WIN aka DB/DC Pension Administration System
  • Datair Document System
  • Pension Reporter
  • Client & Task Manager
  • FlexPlus Cafeteria Administration
  • And we can even still offer hosting for the Datair DOS application


  • ASC Valuation System
  • ASC


  • Pension Pro
  • Fetch

What’s included in Application Hosting?            

  • Hosted Application Solution (Software as a Service)
  • Hosted Windows Desktop
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition (if required)
  • Nightly Backups
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Anti-virus
  • Scalability
  • 1 TB of total storage included

So, no matter your application, World Wide Network Network Solutions can setup, manage and update the most important software programs to your business. Get started by contact WWNS to discuss your application and user requirements.

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